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METRUMCOIN is the digital real estate market of new generation, that will unite b2b, b2c and c2c in the single world-wide network. It is based on blockchain technology, intelligent deals and it's own industrial cryptocurrency MetrumCoin.
Everyone can make real estate deals just having access to the Internet. So, the appearance of METRUMCOIN will transform the current offline market into an effective digital environment.




It is a synergy of state of the art IT technologies and the best real estate practices acting in accordance with new standards, financial instruments and procedures which makes the market incredibly more efficient.

Do you want to be the first to know?


All members of real estate market: customers, brokers, notaries, appraisers, analysts, developers and investors will cooperate in online network without any geographical, information or bureaucratic barriers.


White paper

White paper

Read our white paper in order to learn more about the METRUMCOIN project and ideas behind, the token and crowdsale round details.

Technical White paper

Read our presentation in order to learn main information about METRUMCOIN project.






Telman Abbasov

Telman Abbasov

With more than 25 years of professional experience in global real estate business Mr. Abbasov brings to the METRUMCOIN project fundamental ideology and concept of product and services. President of World Council of Developers and Investors FIABCI 2015-17 ( and Honorary President FIABCI Ukraine. As founder and President of METRUMCOIN Ltd. - defines the overall strategy of the enterprise and makes top-level decisions leading steering committee for METRUMCOIN platform project. Actively collaborates with investors and project partners.


Michele Giambonini

Based in Switzerland. With more than 25 years of professional experience in architecture and working for big funds in Asia and AEO gained deep knowledge in industry matters, member of FIABCI ( Gaimbonini is a project advisor for METRUMCOIN Platform in solution services. Broad knowledge and expertise in real estate placed as fundament for METRUMCOIN business process model. Currently accredited consultant for UBS and public and government institutions in Switzerland.


Vassily Buzuyev
Co-Founder & CTO

Software development manager with 25 years record of accomplishments in software development projects within banking and financial sector. Guru in core banking projects with distributed systems architecture models, ETL/BDW/BI systems. Experienced in usage of various software development methodologies like Waterfall, RUP, Prince2, Iterative SDLC, Scrum. Deep knowledge, intensive experience and software development team management skills makes METRUMCOIN project going smoothly from planning to execution.


Olga Mezentseva
Operational Director

Business Development Director with 14 years of experience in investment and business consulting, project development and management. Highly organized and efficient team member performing in many roles in a fast-paced multitasking environment of METRUMCOIN Ltd. Flexible and analytical thinking helps to keep eyes on details. Responsible for top-level decisions and company’s investment portfolio. Maintains a positive attitude and strong work business ethic for each individual member of the team.

Constantine Bondarev

Constantine Bondarev
Senior Business Analyst, Software Architect

Constantine has 20+ years of experience in software development, business analysis, architecture design for highly loaded secured automated systems. Last years main focus: Modern systems that use edge technologies like Cloud, Web and Big Data also including Mobile and Social solutions. Cyber security architecture solutions with Big Data technologies. Blockchain based solutions. Project management experience with projects based on modern software development methodologies like Agile SCRUM and RUP.


Denis Mikhalyov
Senior System Architect

Responsible for architect of METRUMCOIN platform as principal software design architect. Leads development of system integration modules. More than 12 years of software development, 10+ years of experience with JEE and Java adjacent technologies, a whole eternity with OOAD. Multi-environment and varied target OS development based on Agile, TDD and RUP development methodologies.


Iryna Goretskaya
Business Architect

Responsible for METRUMCOIN project business architecture. Describes the primary business functions and prepare technical requirements. Links business domain knowledge, methodology and specification for development. Supervises implementation and support processes for each of the software component. Checks (accepts) technological and user documentation.


Alexander Volynets
Lead Graphic Designer

Young and ambitious designer. Recommended himself as a person who keeps pace with trends and tendencies in graphical and art design. Created METRUMCOIN brandbook. Leads websites and team applications UX/UI design and prototyping.


Maksim Mazur
Media strategy generalist

Lead specialist in media and Internet advertising. Experienced in Social Media and Content Marketing working with advanced promotion instruments and media services for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram and others. PR and sales manager’s experience allows accurate planning and execution of product promotion. Collaborates with graphical and UI/UX designers as part of ergonomic & design team for METRUMCOIN platform.


Dmitriy Melnik
Finance & Audit

Experienced specialist in finance and audit. Manages project’s budgets and controls spending. Daily duties are tracking all expenditure, labor costs, marketing spending, procurement etc. Develops and check accuracy of ICO and project financial information reported to the market investors. Closely works with CEO and Business Development Director in financial model creation, validation and justification making sure all figures are transparent and balanced.


Timur Abbasov
Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Responsible for active B2B-channels communications and face-to-face sales meetings with partners. Energized and ambitious nature helps to stay both up-to-date with industry trends, helping to grasp solution’s key advantages, and nurture a good progressive relationship with real estate community partners. One of the main duties in METRUMCOIN project is executing marketing campaign for the new platform. Also responsible for brand promotion and team motivation contributing his passion for the results on a daily basis making team working as a single unit towards common goals.

Alexander Mashkin

Alexander Mashkin
Senior Support\DevOps Engineer

Responsible for providing IT services and support all networks forming of METRUMCOIN platform. He has 15+ years’ experience in support resource-intensive and time-critical software systems working in productive mode that require configuration management, release management, incident management. He is also an expert in supporting task management, bug tracking, service desk and help desk systems. Has programmer's skills and very strong troubleshooting ability that make our system stable.


Telman Abbasov

Lim Lan Yuan
Professor at National University of Singapore

Country - Singapore
Professor at National University of Singapore. President of FIABCI-Singapore Chapter ( President Association of Property and Facility Managers (APFM) Has 40 years of experience in property business involved in property development, management, valuation, training and consultancy.


Ramon Riera Torroba
CEO of Eurofincas Advenfin

Country - Spain
Regional President FIABCI Europe (, Member of the Council of Residential Specialists. Member of the Government Committee of the Society of Real Estate Agents of Barcelona Has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market, specializes in the valuation and law support of deals.


Mauro Gabriele
Adjunct Professor at New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate

Country - USA
Principal at Appraisal Services International. Real Estate Appraiser and consultant since 1984, Real Estate developer on his own projects and on behalf of others. Providing valuation and consulting services worldwide.

Victor Ageev

Victor Ageev
CEO of International Arbitration and Cryptography Centre

Country - Israel
Has more than 20 years of professional experience as a lawyer and legal expert in international and foreign courts (USA, Germany, Israel and others).

Alex Romanenko

Alex Romanenko
Member of the expert group on real estate UN European Economic Commission

Country - Russia
President of FIABCI 2011-2012 ( Honorary member of the Russian Guild of Realtors. Founder of the corporation "Adveks. Real Estate" Has 25 years of experience in real estate business, he stood at the origins of the birth of the real estate market in Russia, is one of the 100 best managers of St. Petersburg and the 1000 most successful managers of Russia.


Irena Perfanova
Member of the Real Estate Market Advisory Group in UNECE

Country - Bulgaria
Past President FIABCI-Bulgaria ( President of the National Real Estate Association in Bulgaria . CEO at Estate Tribune. Has 25 years professional experience in the real estate field. High level specialist in brokerage, appraisals and financial analysis, project management. Brokerage lecturer.

Alexander Shokhov

Alexander Shokhov
Independent expert on integrated implementation of innovations

Country - Ukraine
Has more than 20 years of experience in strategic planning, investment analysis and consulting, business strategy development and project management, developing strategies for the development of large companies and holdings, consulting government structures in Kazakhstan.

Yiannis Antoniou

Yiannis Antoniou
President of FIABCI-Cyprus Chapter (

Country - Cyprus
FIABCI Delegate to the United Nations ECO-SOC (Geneva). CEO and Founding Chairman of T.M.A Real Estate LTD. Has more than 20 years of experience in the field of management, brokerage, consulting, valuation.


Our mission is to make worlds real estate market available for everyone in one click.
METRUMS tokens are the electronic technical instrument which belongs to «utility tokens» class and organizes a certain amount of METRUMCOIN© coins for our crowdsales goals.
Cryptocurrency METRUMCOIN© is a niche cryptocurrency for real estate industry, which circulates within our Metrumcoin platform and is about to become both measure of value and medium of exchange
We solve the low efficiency problem of existing Real Estate market.

We provide the Market with a cooperation and service platform named as METRUMCOIN Platform, underpinning new and absolutely innovative Global Real Estate market.

Our Platform is a synergy of state of the art IT technologies and the best real estate practices acting in accordance with new standards, financial instruments and procedures which make the market incredibly more efficient.

The new market has its own unique digital eMarketplace for business communications of all participants in the B2B, B2C and C2C models. This commonplace is implemented in the form of the Real Estate Business Network, which unites both the main market participants (dealers, brokers, lawyers, property owners) and the companies or experts - service providers (investors, appraisers, designers, architects, developers) and makes their business communications faster, easier and more secure.

METRUMCOIN Platform also solves tasks adjustment of real estate legislations in different countries.

Initially, you have to sign up with METRUMCOIN Platform. The result of signing procedure is a creation of  your account with mandatory email confirmation. Successful e-mail address confirmation gives an access to your cabinet. After the confirmation of your email address you can transfer your coins to METRUMCOIN Platform’s address in an amount more or equal to the price of 1 METRUMS token . In some short period of time, you can see the transaction in your cabinet.
No, it is not. Our project is METRUMCOIN LTD proprietary.
We are starting a presale because we need initial investments for starting the first stage of our project (See our roadmap for details).
After sending your contribution you can see your tokens in your cabinet after all verification procedures.
METRUMS will be traded on our M2C Real Estate Exchange.
METRUMCOIN presale doesn`t have minimum investment stake because we are going to proceed working on the project no matter if  Crowdsale is successful.
No, you can’t. In order to participate in Crowdsale you need to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or  Ethereum.
You can find all news in our groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter etc.
METRUMCOIN presale doesn`t have a soft and a hard cap because we are going to proceed working on the project no matter if  Crowdsale is successful.
No, you can’t. At the moment we support only transactions on native (BTC, ETHEREUM, LTC) platforms. We are working on interfaces with cryptocurrencies.
Please, enter your cabinet and you will see all the transactions and balance.
Immediately after Crowdsale is completed.

We have 4 rounds:

1 Presale round (from 7.11.17 till 10.12.17)

3 Crowdsale rounds. The exact dates will be available later.

You can buy minimum 1 METRUMS token. 1 METRUMS token costs 10 USD
We treat Blockchain as a technology that provides security, continuity of events and limiting access to digital ‘fingerprints’ of assets, transactions, deals.
For your participation in crowdsale you get a technical METRUMS token, which you can exchange for our industrial cryptocurrency at the latter stages. Exchange rate is at 1:2. The price rate of METRUMS will grow significantly during crowdsale phase.
We don’t plan to implement identification during presale stage. At the latter crowdsale stages, identification would be added optionally, to ease participation in RE assets’ lifecycle.
3 800 000 METRUMS tokens.
The main purpose of METRUMCOIN is to remove geographical, bureaucratic and transactional barriers, while uniting all participants within a single digital space for the international RE market. We are going to transform real-estate market with new solutions and create a digital space to do real-estate business.
Everybody including cryptocurrency owners from time to time faces real estate services that’s why we invite cryptocurrency owners to contribute in making this market faster, friendlier, more secure and more achievable. IT fraction of crypto-community is planned to be hired as a support and development team of regional real estate clusters.
The software platform has not fully completed yet. We have already implemented financial and banking components and low-level architecture mechanisms.
Global, cooperative and service real estate network generating transactional fees.
We intent to run our market globally in 2020. For more details see our roadmap.
In the near future METRUMCOIN will produce a multilayer software platform that will become a base for the Global Real Estate market.
The Market Value of METRUMCOIN is more than 50 billion USD in the horizon 2025.

To participate in Crowdsale you need to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

In order to contribute you have to do the following:

STEP 1: Make sure that you have entered the correct address

STEP 2: Register on our platform. Go to registration page via JOIN PRESALE button or Login button on the web-site’s header only. Enter your valid e-mail address and create a password. Mark the cryptocurrency wallet (BTC, ETH, LTC) you are going to contribute from, in order we could match your wallet address with your e-mail and in future identify your transaction.

STEP 3: After you have registered, wait for a confirmation link on your e-mail address. Only after clicking on the confirmation link, the system verifies your e-mail. Do NOT send us any payments (BTC, ETH, LTC), if your e-mail address is NOT verified! In case you send us the payment before verification is done, we will not be able to identify the transaction and associate it with your account.

STEP 4: Log in your METRUMCOIN account and make sure that the wallet address you are going to make a transaction from corresponds to the wallet address indicated in your personal cabinet.

STEP 5: In your personal cabinet, copy the BTC/LTC/ETH wallet address in order to send ETH to Etherium wallet address, BTC to your Bitcoin wallet address and LTC to Litecoin address. Our addresses for topping up METRUMCOIN wallets:

For Bitcoin BTC:

For LiteCoin LTC:

For Ethereum ETH:

STEP 6: Enter your cryptocurrency wallet and make a transaction to the address of the METRUMCOIN wallet. 1(One) METRUMS Token (+/- 2% error) is a minimum which is allowed to buy on the current exchange rate.

STEP 7: Get a confirmation that you have successfully purchased METRUMS tokens. After sending your contribution you can see your tokens in your personal cabinet.

When the METRUMCOIN platform will start working, you will be able to exchange your tokens METRUMS on cryptocurrency METRUMCOIN or tokens of real estate investment projects.

When you register a new account, after all the details are added and you have pressed ‘Sign Up’ button, you will receive these messages: Your user registration was successful! Please verify your email address! We have sent you the confirmation. Also don’t forget to check your Spam folder.

NOTE: Carefully check the information you have entered, before clicking registration button!

Once you have used a link in confirmation letter, you will receive the next message: Your E-mail was successfully confirmed. Just Login

Also you will receive verification letter on your email address.

After that, you will be able to enter your account, by using your email address and password, which you stated during registration.

Now you can transfer funds via Bitcoin, Ethereum or LiteCoin systems. In a short period of time you will see your token balance in our system.