Unique METRUMCOIN project is to be presented at GLOBAL REAL ESTATE Summit FIABCI

Athens is going to host the Global Real Estate Summit FIABCI, this year between 6th and 10th of December. Event is going to bring together professionals and leaders of the global real estate market. Telman Abbasov is going to be among them. Mr. Abbasov, the President of World Council of Developers and Investors FIABCI 2015-2017, is an expert that has 25 years of experience in this field.

Summit’s program includes:

  • European congress (6-9 of December)
  • Global business camp for young specialists (6-7 of December)
  • Ninth Labour days of FIABCI (8-10 of December)

New markets and products will be introduced during the Congress. In addition, innovative real estate projects will be presented. Congress participants will share their ideas and experience. As well as that, they will discuss new opportunities and trends of the market.

Telman Abbasov will present the project of METRUMCOIN Real Estate Platform. Platform built with Blockchain and other IT technologies. METRUMCOIN platform is the next generation digital real estate market that will unite b2b, b2c and c2c in a single global network. This platform allows all participants to conduct fast, transparent and effective deals. This platform allows the overpowering of geographic, bureaucratic and transactional barriers. Furthermore, the platform with the use of industrial cryptocurrency METRUMCOIN gives an opportunity to develop business both offline and online. METRUMCOIN project would substantially simplify business processes and would make real estate market available to everyone.

Regional clusters are going to be created, in order to increase the reach of METRUMCOIN network. These clusters are going to be a part of a single unified platform. Business procedures are going to be quick and effective, because of these clusters.

Congress’s address:
Royal Olympic
Athanasiou Diakou 28
Athens, Greece

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